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Wildlife Biology in Practice .: Vol 10, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Original Papers

The effect of gender on biomarkers of environmental contamination of Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus)
Irene de la Casa-Resino, David Hernandez-Moreno, Ana López-Beceiro, Lucas Rigueira, Maria Prado Míguez, Marcos Pérez-López, Luis Eusebio Fidalgo
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2014.10.7

Accuracy of estimating white-tailed deer diel May-June home ranges using only daytime locations
Shannon Michelle Barber-Meyer, Lucyan David Mech
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2014.10.8

Age-specific changes in body mass and delayed physical development of a known-aged sample of wild, white-tailed deer
Stephen L. Webb, Kenneth L. Gee, Phillip D. Jones
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2014.10.9

Dietary variation of the stone marten (Martes foina): A meta-analysis approach
Malamati Papakosta, Kyriaki Kitikidou, Dimitris Bakaloudis, Christos Vlachos
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2014.10.11

Calling activity of indian giant flying squirrel (Petaurista philippensis Elliot, 1839) in the tropical deciduous forests, India
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2014.10.13

Modeling habitat potential for elk expansion in Michigan, USA
Shawn O'Neil, Joseph Bump
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2014.10.14

Discussion Forum

Hunting Issues in Contemporary Society: Perspectives of Resident Hunters in Montana (USA)
Stephen L. Eliason
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2014.10.10

Technical note

Conspecific scent improves capture rates for nine-banded armadillos
James Martin, Craig Marshall, Jerrold Belant, Scott Cagle, Ben West
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2014.10.12

Conservation Issues

Alternative Financing Schemes for Tiger Conservation in Nepal
Hemanta Kafley, Matthew E Gompper, Felix J Spinelli, Krishna L Poudel, Bishnu P Thapaliya
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2014.10.6