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Wildlife Biology in Practice .: Iberian Ungulates Research

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Ungulate Biology, Health and Management in the 21st century: the Tables are Turned in the Iberian Peninsula
E. Serrano, J. M. López-Martín, C. Rosell, C. Fonseca
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doi: 10.2461/wbp.2013.ibeun.0

Original Papers

Size and density of a feral goat Capra hircus population in a protected area in the Pyrenees
Juan Herrero, Olatz Fernández, Carlos Prada, Alicia García-Serrano
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2013.ibeun.1

Persistence of roe (Capreolus capreolus) and red (Cervus elaphus) deer pellet-groups in a Mediterranean mosaic landscape
Rita Tinoco Torres, João Santos, Carlos Fonseca
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doi: 10.2461/wbp.2013.ibeun.2

Dispersal record of Wild boar (Sus scrofa) in northeast Spain: Implications for implementing disease-monitoring programs
E. Casas-Díaz, F. Closa-Sebastià, A. Peris, J. Torrentó, R. Casanovas, I. Marco, S. Lavín, P. Fernández-Llario, E. Serrano
Abstract PDF
doi: 10.2461/wbp.2013.ibeun.3